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Anteel Blanco Tequila

Anteel Blanco Tequila

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A clean classic Blanco Tequila with sweet agave and subtle floral tones for one of the smoothest Blanco Tequilas in the world.

No artificial flavors or added sugars.

Anteel Tequila is a unique blend of both the Highland and Lowland Agave, that are grown between 6 and 7 years before harvesting to begin the cooking process. All Anteel Tequila expressions are twice distilled, using natural spring water during the process as well as an oxygenation / cold filtered process to create one of the smoothest tequilas in the world.

Lowland Agave, grown in the Tequila Valley are usually earthy, rustic and mineral rich due to the better water supply in the region and soil components. Highland Agave, grown in higher regions are typically known for their richer soil leading to a sweeter, floral and fruitier tone from the Agave.

The agave/piña ‘hearts’ (Blue Agave Weber) are slowly steam-roasted in centuries old traditional thick stone walled brick ovens (hornos) for 36 – 54 hours.  This traditional art of ‘slow cooking’ in brick ovens prevents the cooked agave from caramelizing while softening the fibers and transforming the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars.  These ovens also help retain the sweet natural mellow flavors of the carefully grown agave. 

100% Blue Weber Agave-Hecho en Mexico

2020 Bronze Medal Winner – San Francisco World Spirits Competition

2019/2020 Metro Times “Best Michigan Tequila Brand”

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